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Not So Perfect, Perfectly Fun!

While we pay careful attention to our craftsmanship to ensure you get quality games made for life and built to last, we still make mistakes. Our team works diligently to catch mistakes as early as possible. When these manufacturing errors occur, items are removed from our main distribution channels and set aside as Factory Seconds. These errors are usually only noticeable to some people outside our walls. We also make every reasonable effort to correct blemishes to make the products as good as new.

These errors can range from misalignment in our printers that lead to off-center graphics to ink splotching due to printer heads needing to be recalibrated. Other blemishes that disqualify our hand-crafted games from being sold as brand-new could be irregularities in wood planing, cut marks, dings, dents, scrapes, knots, discoloration, or stitching errors. None of the imperfections of our factory seconds will affect the function or performance.

You still enjoy high-quality outdoor games with our signature style. Your purchase of factory seconds is also a step towards our sustainability mission.