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Top 6 Outdoor Camping Games To Play For Your Next Camping Trip

September 30, 2022 6 min read

Top 6 Outdoor Camping Games To Play For Your Next Camping Trip


Fall camping season is finally here! Now that Labor Day has passed, outdoor enthusiasts can expect to encounter far fewer visitors at their favorite camping sites. As the temperature continues to cool down the closer to Christmas we get, many camping locations are much more accessible than they were in the summer. So if you’re looking for an excuse to go camping this fall, find a camping destination that would have been too hot to visit during summer and go check it out. 

Once you’ve got your ideal camping destination picked out, you’re going to need to start planning all the items you need to pack for the trip. One often overlooked staple that you need to consider is entertainment. After a long day of hiking or exploring, having an outdoor camping game to play is the perfect way to wind down for the evening. Here are our top 6 outdoor camping games to play for your next camping trip. 


horseshoes game set

1. Horsehoes Game

Horseshoes is a game designed specifically for outdoor play, and there are fewer venues more suited for a game of horseshoes than campgrounds. Considering how few elements are needed to play the game, it’s one of the most accessible outdoor camping games to pack into your car and set up at your campsite. 

Traditionally,horseshoes game is played with a horseshoe pit on both sides of the playing area. The pit is typically filled with sand, and the stakes go in the center of the pit. The sand pit is used to help absorb the shock of the horseshoes hitting the ground; this stops the horseshoes from bouncing and makes it easier to dial in your throw.

You likely won’t have access to a sand pit at your campsite, so you’ll need to take that into consideration when choosing an area to play. Soft ground makes for a more predictable bounce pattern. 

You’ll want to put the steel posts around 16 paces away from one another. Once you drive the stakes into the ground, you’re good to go! Just be sure to refill the hole as best you can once you’ve finished.


playing giant 4 in a row game outside

2. Giant 4 In A Row

4 in a row is a beloved tabletop game that’s perfect for children and adults alike. For kids, it’s a great way to learn the most basic level of strategic thinking. The game requires that you constantly be thinking about how you can outmaneuver your opponents, gain the upper hand, and eventually win the game. While initially meant to be a childrens’ game, 4 in a row can be easily enjoyed by adults who want to play short, simple games that require little work to set up or tear down. 

While 4 in a row is not traditionally thought of as an outdoor game, the growing popularity of “giant” versions of the famous childrens’ games has led toGiant 4 In A Row. This enlarged variant is perfect for setting up outside. Giant 4 in a row is built out of premium mahogany wood and stands at 23 inches tall by 32 inches wide. It also comes with 42 durable game pieces. 

Its easy assembly makes it an excellent choice for an outdoor camping game. Just set up your game board, plop down some lawn chairs, and let the fun begin!


bocce ball set up on grass

3. Bocce Ball 

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor camping game that’s easy for the entire family to enjoy, look no further than bocce ball. Traditionally,bocce ball is played within a staked playing area. While you’re more than welcome to get some wooden stakes and mark out the playing area at your campsite, it’s not really necessary. Just be courteous of those around you and avoid throwing the ball into other people’s campsites. 

Bocce ball is ideally played on soft ground, but as long as you’re not throwing the resin balls on concrete or hard mulch, you won’t have to worry about your equipment getting damaged. It’s also worth noting that you‘ll want to avoid throwing the Palino in areas with dense shrubbery since it’s small and easier to lose. 

Want an in-depth look at the rules and history of bocce ball? 

Check out our article onHow To Play Bocce Ball [The Ultimate Guide]


portable washer toss game

4. Portable Washer Toss Game

Portable washer toss has a lot of similarities with cornhole. In fact, the premise of the game and scoring system are basically the same. The targets are set 8 paces away from one another, and players take turns tossing their washers. 

The game can be played with either two or four players, and play continues until a team reaches precisely 21 points. If you go over, you’re set back to 15 points. The same canceling system from bags is utilized as well, so once you determine how many points were scored by each team, you subtract the lower score from the higher score, and the team who received the higher score gets the remaining points. 

You may be wondering what sets a portable washer toss apart from cornhole. The real differentiating factor is the sheer difficulty of portable washer toss. While the distance between the targets is a few feet shorter than in cornhole, theportable washer toss game features a significantly smaller target. While a traditional cornhole board is 2 feet wide by 4 feet long, the washer toss game is only 1.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet long, meaning there is a lot less room for error. 

 The smaller size makes portable washer toss significantly easier to travel with when compared to a standard size cornhole board. There’s virtually no setup, which makes it a great outdoor camping game.


social pong game at the beach

5. Social Pong

Social Pong is a game that every adult is probably familiar with. While the game certainly has earned its reputation as a college and house party mainstay, the game is having a new life breathed into it by ditching the tacky white folding table. While social pong can still make for some simple backyard fun, the game really shines when you’re playing at a campsite.

Once you’ve found a clearing where you can set up the stands at least 8 feet apart on level ground, all you need is 22 plastic cups, a ping pong ball, and your drink of choice. There are two ways you can set upsocial pong at your campsite. The first is setting up the stands at full height. All players will be standing when they’re tossing their ping pong balls. 

The second setup is uniquely suited for camping. The stands are set up at half their normal height. Instead of standing, players sit in their lawn chairs as they throw the ping pong balls back and forth. Whether you’re just chilling at the campsite or winding down by a campfire, playing social pong while sitting down makes for a relaxing game that everyone can enjoy.


compact cornhole game

6. Compact Cornhole

When you think of outdoor games, cornhole is likely one of the first to come to mind. The game is ubiquitous with barbecues, tailgating, and any other event or gathering you can think of. And while it might not be the first thing you’d think to pack on a camping trip, it’s easily the best game to take on your next camping expedition. 

While you can certainly take a standard size cornhole set, our 1’x2’ Compact Travel Cornhole Boards are the ideal outdoor camping games for your next adventure. The compact boards are easier to pack than standard-size boards, and they come with their own padded backpack to make carrying them a breeze. 

All you need to set up is your compact cornhole boards, a 15-foot clearing, and your travel-size bean bags. Once the boards are set up 15 feet away from one another, you’re ready to start playing! 

To make the experience even more memorable, you can get a cornhole board that features an iconic destination, likeYosemite orGlacier National Parks, and take it with you on your next trip to that destination.  

Want to learn more about competitive cornhole? Or are you looking for fun house rules to implement during your next pickup game? Learn more in our article:Cornhole: The Ultimate Outdoor Backyard Game For Any Occasion

Get All The Outdoor Camping Games You Need For Your Next Trip 

Now that you have a comprehensive guide to the best outdoor camping games for your next camping trip, it’s time to pick up your favorite.

At Elakai Outdoor, we offer a wide selection of outdoor camping games that are perfect for your next camping trip and all your adventures to come. We offer high-quality, durable mahogany games that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether you’re a cornhole enthusiast or want to challenge yourself with the washer toss game, we have exactly what you’re looking for. 

Don’t let your next camping adventure flop because you didn’t bring a game to play in your downtime.


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