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We don't just care about games.

We care about you.

Games built to last

Games built to last

Make an investment in your future.

Make an investment in your future.

Spend more time outdoors with the ones you care about.

Spend more time outdoors with the ones you care about.

We Are Artisanship & Social Responsibility

Most of our products are built to be unique just like you.

Invest in Social Experiences

Time spent outdoors with your friends is the best remedy for a better well-being. We want to bring you the best, unfailing outdoor games possible so you can focus on what's really important.

The Art of the Game

The materials and processes for all of our games were carefully selected and used by a team of expert craftsmen. They spend the extra hours putting that quality handmade touch into every element. No two games are the same, ensuring you have a unique product; quality is always timeless.

Join Us and the 1% Movement

Investing in an Elakai® artisan-quality game mean less cheap, broken waste going to the landfills and more funds to bettering our Earth. Elakai® has vowed to donate 1% of our profits towards the 1% for the Planet initiative.

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