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Elakai Outdoor Adds Nine New Games to Their Outdoor Games Lineup

January 03, 2023 2 min read

Elakai Outdoor Adds Nine New Games to Their Outdoor Games Lineup

Today, Elakai Outdoor announced the launch of nine new games in their outdoor game shop. The new assortment of games includes 2-Player Hook & Ring, 4-Player Hook & Ring, Croquet, Giant Wood Dominoes, Kubb, Lawn Bowling, Paddle Ball, Ring Toss, and Social Scatter.

The release of the nine new games marks an important point in the company’s young history. This is the largest new assortment of games ever released from the brand and doubles the number of game offerings available from the store.

“We’re very excited to bring these new games to market,” says Eric Marvin, founder of Elakai Outdoor. “These are fun, simple games that families and friends will enjoy together for many years. Heading into the holidays and the new year, we can’t wait to see how these games will reach new people and help them make new memories,” says Marvin

This product launch emphasizes Elakai’s mission to bring people together in the outdoors. All these new products are built with the outdoors in mind. The natural look of the latest games, along with the premium construction, makes all these games the ideal companion for backyard parties, camping trips, and summer beach outings 

The nine new games are constructed with premium materials and fine craftsmanship. They are built with an assortment of high-grade woods, such as hevea, acacia, and walnut. These specific woods were chosen for their durability and functionality to give the games longevity and ensure they won’t be easily damaged.

This release from Elakai Outdoor also comes just in time for last-minute holiday shoppers to find gifts for the Christmas season. Elakai offers free ground shipping on any orders placed before the Christmas holiday.

All nine games are available to purchase today from elakaioutdoor.com. Anyone interested in learning more about these games or signing up for updates on upcoming outdoor game releases can visit elakaioutdoor.com or email consumercare@elakaioutdoor.com for more information. 

About Elakai Outdoor:

Elakai Outdoor is an outdoor and sporting goods company that creates unique and lasting artisan-crafted outdoor games. Their mission is to bring people together in the outdoors and help them improve their well-being through healthy competition. New customers who visit elakaioutdoor.com will receive a coupon for 10% off their first purchase of outdoor games. 


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