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You deserve to enjoy handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces built to last.

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Let us save you the frustration of buying outdoor games over and over.

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Built By Hand

Wouldn’t you love to buy dependable outdoor games that could be treasured by a future generation? Our craftspeople deliver that dream with their passion, care, and patient attention to every detail while building Elakai® games.

Premium Materials

Don't sacrifice the beauty of artisan construction for a cheap and easy option. When you own Elakai® games, you own one-of-a-kind character pieces made with first rate materials; skip the momentary happiness and get a lifetime of impressed.

Function and Durability

When it comes to any outdoor gear, you need craftsmanship that makes something function just as good as it looks. Implementing design and engineering practices, the Elakai® team puts earnest effort into creating well-styled products that won’t fall short.

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