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How to Play Mountain Blocks

October 23, 2023 1 min read

How to Play Mountain Blocks

How to Play Mountain Blocks

Set 'Em Up. Knock 'Em Down.

Text Grab your friends and gather around with Elakai Mountain Blocks. See how high you can build the mountain as you remove the blocks and stack them back up one-by-one.


5-10 minutes


2 Players | Head to Head


Easy to Play


Indoor / Outdoor

The Setup

Construct your tower 18 stories high with three blocks on each level. Place it on a table and gather your friends around the table to begin the game!

How to Play Mountain Blocks

1. Make the first move

Remove a single block from anywhere on the tower (below the highest completed story) and add the block to the top of the tower.

2. Play around the table

Take turns removing blocks and placing them on top of the tower. Be careful as the tower becomes more unstable as more moves are made.

3. Stress the f out.

Just when you think the tower surely can't stand another move, it seems to always make it's way back to you.

4. *CRASH!*

The tower finally reaches the tipping point and crashes down to the table. The last player to successfully make a move is the winner.

5. And Repeat

The player who knocked the tower over has the privilge of setting up the next round. The player who builds the tower goes first in the next game.

Ready to Play?

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