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How to Play Washer Toss

August 10, 2023 2 min read

How to Play Washer Toss

For Whatever Life Tosses At You

Washer Toss is a delightful outdoor pastime that combines skill and camaraderie. Gather your friends and challenge each other to a game of precision and strategy as you aim for that elusive "ringer." Whether you're at a backyard barbecue or a beach gathering, Washer Toss promises an enjoyable social experience for all.


15 minutes


4 Players | 2 vs. 2


Easy Difficulty



The Setup

Place the targets on the ground about 10 feet apart. Line up next to one of the targets, directly across from your teammates.

The Rules of Washer Toss

If you know cornhole, you'll know this one. It's almost the same rules and scoring as cornhole, with just some different pieces, shapes, and sizes.

Objective: Be the first team to reach at least 21 points

1. Take Your Spots

Line up at the board next to your opponent. If you're playing with four players, line up directly across from your teammate. Make sure all bags are at one of the boards.

2. Pitch the Washers

In each round, players alternate tossing washers until each player has tossed all four of their washers.

3. Take Score

Use cancellation scoring to take score after each round. In this scoring method, the points of one team cancel out the points of the opposing team. With this scoring, only the higher scoring team each round earns points.

In this example, Blue scored 6 points and Red scored 4 points. The 4 points from Red cancel out and Blue earns a net score of 2 points for the round.

4. Continue playing rotation until one team wins the game

Players at the opposite board then resume pitching rotation by tossing back toward the first target. Play continues in this order until one team reaches 21 points and wins the game!


1 Point

Washer in the outer box

3 Points

Washer in the inner box

🏆Automatic Win

Washer around the game-over stake

This is an automatic game-winner with no redemption shot from the opponent. The game ends immediately once a team makes the Game-Over Stake.

Cancellation Scoring

With cancellation scoring, only one team earns points in each round. Subtract the points of the lower scoring team from the points of the higher scoring team.

In this example, Blue scored 6 points and Red scored 4 points. The 4 points from Red cancel out and Blue earns a net score of 2 pointsfor the round.

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