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How to Play Kubb

December 29, 2022 2 min read



Kubb [koob]

noun, singular

1. A game of throwing batons into your opponent's battlefield to try to capture all of the enemy knights.

Country of Origin: SwedenπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

See also, Viking Chess

Wait, how do you say it?

It's not cub or cube. It's


rhymes with... ahh nevermind

Got it? Here's how you play.

# of Players: 2-12 players

Equipment: 1 Kubb Set

Includes 4 Stakes, 6 Batons, 10 Knights, + 1 King Kubb πŸ‘‘

The Rules of Kubb

1. Locate Your Battlefield

  • Place all 4 stakes in a rectangle 5 x 8 meters (~16 x 26 ft for us Americans)
  • Place five knights evenly along each baseline.
  • Place the king kubb on his throne in the exact middle of the playing field.

2. Prepare the Troops

  • Organize players into 2 even teams. Teams may have between 1 and 6 players each.
  • To start the game, one player from each team tosses a baton toward the king. Whichever player gets their throwing baton closest to the king without touching it goes first.

3. Attack the Enemy

  • Team A stands behind their line of knights, and tosses one baton at a time and attempts to knock down the opponent's knights.
    • Players must throw the baton underhanded, end over end. No overhand. No sidearm. No helicopter.
    • If the king kubb is knocked over at any point during play before all the field knights are out, the offending team automatically loses.

4. Build a Defense

  • Once all batons are thrown, Team B tosses back all toppled knights onto Team A's field. Set up these pieces exactly where they lie. These are now field knights. In the next round, Team B MUST knock over all field knights before attacking the baseline knights.
  • If Team B fails to return the knight within Team A's playing field on 2 tries, Team A may now place that knight wherever they like, within 1 baton length of the King Kubb.

5. Invade the Land

  • Play continues with teams alternating turns.
  • In any round, if a team does not knock down all the field knights in their opponent's side, the other team moves up to the field knight closest to the center line and throws from there.

6. Take Down the King!

  • Once a team has knocked down all the other team's knights, it's time to attack the king. Attempts to throw at the king are always taken from the baseline. The first team to successfully knock down all their opponent's knights and the king kubb wins the game.

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