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How to Play 4 in a Row

June 28, 2023 1 min read

How to Play 4 in a Row

How to Play Giant 4 in a Row

The Greatest Way to Connect

Make a connection with Giant 4 in a Row. This popular tabletop game is a favorite for all ages. Perfect your strategy and outsmart your opponent on your way to connecting 4 pieces in a row. Our best tip: control the middle column to have your best chance to win the game.


5-10 minutes


2 Players | Head to Head


Very easy to learn and play


Play indoor or outdoor

Rules of 4 in a Row

Let's keep this simple:Connect 4 pieces in a row.

If you like more rules,

1. Player 1 begins the game

Player 1 drops their first piece into the game board. Use a coin flip or another fair method to determine playing order.

2. Player 2 plays their first piece

Player 2 then takes their turn and drops a piece into the game board.

3. Alternate turns attempting to connect 4 pieces

Play continues with players alternating turns, trying to connect 4 pieces in a row. Block your opponent and build a strategy as the game continues.

4. Connect 4 pieces in a row to win the game

The first player to get 4 pieces in a row wins the game! The pieces can be connected vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

3 Ways to Win




And, of course, the most satisfying part of the game:

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