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How to Play Ring Toss

May 01, 2023 2 min read

How to Play Ring Toss

How to Play
Ring Toss

Simple. Addictive. Fun.

Let the games begin! This game is easy to learn, but a challenge to master. It's perfect for families and kids, whether you're enjoying a fun, summer day or stuck inside on a rainy afternoon. Ditch those screens and step into the sunshine for some fun-filled competitive fun with the family.


Typically a game lasts 5-10 minutes


As many as you want! We recommend 2-8 players in head-to-head play


Great for kids and adults. Ring toss is easy to learn and play.


Play anywhere! This game can be enjoyed indoor and outdoor.

What do you need?

1 Game Board

10 Rope Rings (5 of each color)

What setup is required?

Position the board on the ground with the 5 peg closest to the thrower. Mark a throwing line ~10ft. from the front of the board.

Throwing distance will vary by age and ability. To be honest, we still move it closer sometimes. When you're playing for fun, make it comfortable and attainable for all players.

Rules of Ring Toss

1. Player 1 tosses rings

Begin by tossing all 5 of your colored rings toward the target attempting to land ringers around the pegs.

2. Player 2 tosses rings

The next player then takes their turn and tosses their rings towards the target.

3. Players take score

After tossing all 5 rings, all players total their points scored for the round. Scoring is individual, and points do not cancel out.

4. Play to 8 rounds

After 8 rounds, all players tally their total game score. The player with the highest score wins the game.

More Ways to Play

There are countless ways to use this game board and rings to invent a new game or strategy. Need some help sparking some ideas? Here's a few of our favorite variations of Ring Toss.

Points Game

A points game is played to a predetermined score rather than a set number of rounds. The same rules above apply, but the objective is to bethe first player to reach a predetermined number of points (100 points is recommended).


Players compete to land each of their 5 rings on the 5 pegs. In each round, a player tosses 5 rings toward the target. Once a player makes a ringer on a peg, that peg is “closed” and cannot be scored again. The ring remains on the peg and is not thrown for the remainder of the game. The first player to close all 5 pegs with all their rings wins the game.

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