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How to Play Social Scatter

January 30, 2023 2 min read

How to Play Social Scatter

How to Play
Social Scatter

Ready, Set, Scatter.

Experience unforgettable moments with friends and family as you gather outdoors to play Social Scatter! This exciting game blends strategy and skill, challenging you to knock down numbered pins while enjoying the fresh air and social bonding. Whether you're competing for victory or simply relishing the joy of laughter-filled rounds, Social Scatter is the perfect way to make memories together in the great outdoors.


15-20 minutes


2+ Players | Head to Head


Easy Difficulty



The Setup

Setup the pieces in the arrangement shown above. Mark a tossing line ~10 ft. from the front of the pins. Throwing distance may vary by age and ability

Rules of Social Scatter

1. Toss the skittle

Standing about 10 feet away, player 1 tosses the skittle towards the pins. Any throwing style is permitted.

2. Take score

Player 1 takes their score. If more than one pin was hit, tally the number of pins knocked over. If only one pin was hit, score the number shown on that pin.

3. Reset the pins as they landed

After each throw, any pins that were knocked down get set back up in the place they landed. Throughout the game, the pins will get more scattered around the playfield.

4. Continue play rotation

Play continues with the next player(s). Players continue a consistent playing rotation throughout the game.

5. Winning the game

To win, a player must knock down the pins to score exactly50 points. If a player exceeds 50 points, they must start the next round at 25 points.


Only '5' pin is hit: score 5 points.

Hitting One Pin

When exactly one pin is hit, the number shown on the pin is your score for the round.

4 pins are hit: score 4 points

Hitting Multiple Pins

When multiple pins are hit, tally the number of pins hit for your score for the round.

Bust over 50 points, reset to 25 points.

Exact 50

If a player exceeds 50 points during the game, their score resets to 25 points.

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