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How to Play Tabletop Hook & Ring

August 10, 2023 2 min read

How to Play Tabletop Hook & Ring

How to Play Tabletop Hook & Ring Toss Game

Get Hooked

Warning: This game may be incredibly addicting. Please play responsibly.

A small ring, dangling temptingly on a string, with a hook in your hand and friends cheering you on. This game will challenge your coordination and tests your patience, but when you land that perfect ringer, you'll get hooked. It's a world where frustration turns into pure joy, and it's all about landing that ringer!

Be careful. You'll be hooked before you realize it.


5 minutes


2-4 players | Head-to-Head


Easy to Play


Indoor / Outdoor

The Setup

Place the game board on the table and each player takes a station. For the four-player game, scoring pieces should start in the first position nearest the player. In a two-player game, the scoring peg begins in the middle of the board.

How to Play Tabletop Hook & Ring Game

1. Ready, set, go!

All players begin the game on "GO!"

2. Miss a bunch of shots

Drop the ring and attempt to land it on your hook. You'll probably miss a lot.

3. Ask the table "Are you sure this is possible?"

You start to doubt if this game is working. Then you doubt yourself and all of your abilities. This is a normal part of the game.

4. "Oh look! I did it!!"

You get your first ringer, and so begins the sweet satisfaction. Before long you find your rhythm, the game picks up pace, and everyone finds their groove. One player probably still doesn't understand the "curve it on the hook" approach.

5. The race is on!

Be the first to either reach the middle of the board (4-player board) or move the scorer all the way to the opponent's side (2-player board). The first to do this wins the game!

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