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Elakai Outdoor Partners With the National Forest Foundation to Give Back to the Planet

October 25, 2021 2 min read

Elakai Outdoor Partners With the National Forest Foundation to Give Back to the Planet

American outdoor lifestyle brand, Elakai Outdoor, announced a partnership with the National Forest Foundation to launch “Play, Post, Plant” – an expanding initiative to give back to the planet. This aims to provide customers with a way to offset the negative impacts of climate change. Elakai Outdoor has pledged to plant two trees to restore national forests for every qualified social media post under the “Play, Post, Plant” program.
To be a part of the initiative, customers share a photo of themselves using their Elakai games with family and friends on their social media platforms. The post should contain the hashtag #OutdoorForLife, which means living a social, outdoor life while caring for the people and the environment. Customers will also have to tag @ElakaiOutdoor in their posts.
The brand has officially planted 1,000 trees through the National Forest Foundation, and with the “Play, Post, Plant” program, Elakai Outdoor aims to plant a total of 10,000 trees by the end of 2022.
“With this new program, Elakai hopes to create a social community for those who recognize the importance of spending time outdoors as well as preserving it for future generations,” says the team from Elakai Outdoor.
“Creating a better planet for future generations is in our hands. We all must take responsibility for our own actions and find ways to create a better home for everyone,” the team added.
Trees are essential in mitigating climate crises. It reduces carbon emissions, improves soil strength, preserves habitats, and promotes better well-being for all. Through the “Play, Post, Plant” program, Elakai Outdoor clients are empowered to become a part of a global movement for forest restoration.
Elakai Outdoor offers artisan-quality games, including cornhole boards, giant mountain blocks, social pong, and bocce balls. Each is built to last, so less waste goes to the landfills. By supporting Elakai products, clients are also supporting causes that affect the present and the future of the entire planet.
Elakai Outdoor is a part of another environmentally responsible initiative – the 1% for the Planet movement. It is a community of socially conscious and sustainable businesses that understand the importance of keeping the environment safe.
As a member of 1% for the Planet, Elakai Outdoor is committed to its corporate social responsibility. The brand pledges to donate 1% of all its sales to environmental causes, enabling more opportunities to foster a healthy planet and make a positive impact.
Explore Elakai Outdoor’s products and be a part of a worthy cause:
About Elakai Outdoor
Elakai Outdoor is an outdoor and sporting goods company that creates unique and lasting artisan-crafted outdoor games, such as cornhole boards, hook and ring, giant mountain blocks, bocce ball, social pong, and more, to help people make lasting memories with their loved ones.

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